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What's A Zoom Meeting?

Zoom provides the capability for groups of people to meet face-to-face online, wherever they may be in the world using their computer, tablet or phone. There are other platforms, but we are proposing this one as it will be familiar at both Club and District level and we can offer support.

Download the Rotary South East Zoom Guidelines for more information about getting started.

What Does It Cost?

You can sign up for a free Basic Zoom account, which allows you to hold Zoom meetings for all your club members to attend online. Meetings are limited to 40 minutes duration with the free account, but often this is enough to keep in contact with club members.

A Zoom Pro license costs £11.99 per month per license, purchased through Rotary Global Rewards will give a 20% discount for the first month. 

Hosting a Zoom Meeting For Your Club

To host a Zoom meeting for your club you need to sign-up for a Zoom account.

You also need to download the Zoom Client For Meetings App.

Once you have a Zoom account and have downloaded the Zoom App it is suggested that you start an instantaneous  Zoom Meeting just for yourself and start playing with the controls. Once you are familiar, you can invite one or more club members to your meeting by sending them a link.

Clubs Using Zoom To Keep in Touch

The Rotary clubs of Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Eastbourne Sovereign, Faversham, Folkestone, Gillingham, Kings Hill, Malling, Margate, Minster-on-Sea, Sittingbourne Invicta, South Foreland, Strood, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells amongst many others are all now using the Zoom App to keep in touch with members whilst normal meetings are cancelled. 

This is one way for members to keep in touch, share what they have been doing and let other members know if they need support. Zoom meetings will also reduce loneliness for members.

  • Zoom Meetings have been used by District 1120 to run meetings for the Assistant Governors and a Rotary Foundation Seminar online using a shared PowerPoint presentation.
  • Alan Bernstein of the Rotary Club of Tunbridge Wells is helping the Swale Youth Development Fund with Zoom meetings.
  • The Margate & Thanet clubs have enjoyed a joint meeting together on Zoom.
  • The Margate club has invited one of their contact clubs to join in their weekly Zoom meetings and also a member of their Global Grant host in Columbia to also attend.

Ten Tips for Hosting a Zoom Meeting

  1. schedule a meeting and use Zoom to add the meeting in your online calendar
  2. when sceduling a meeting, create recurring meetings for your normal meeting start time
  3. for security, use a Waiting Room for participants arriving early and also a password
  4. mute the microphones of all paticipants on entry to a meeting and also during a meeting (except for when they are speaking) to reduce ambient or background noise that can interfere with clear communication
  5. ask participants to use the "Raise Hand" facility when they wish to speak
  6. ask participants to write comments etc. in the Chat facility so ideas and points made are recorded
  7. use a double screen desktop arrangement if possible whilst hosting especially when sharing your screen
  8. add a Rotary logo to a virtual backgound to show you're in a Rotary meeting
  9. use Gallery View so everyone can see all those present
  10. click on Manage Participants from the menu to see a list of names, who has a "raised hand" and to mute/unmute all or individual participants

Zoom Support

The Zoom Getting Started On Windows and Mac notes are useful at the beginning of your Zoom learning.

To learn the controls and processes for hosting a Zoom Meeting it is recommended you attend the Zoom Live Training events or watch a recorded event from the list of Zoom Video Tutorials.

Your District has produced some notes on Zoom - see Rotary South East Zoom Guidelines.

MittyChang - Resources for hosting Zoom online meetings and hybrid meetings

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