District Council

I hereby give notice that the next meeting of the District Council will take place on Wednesday November 25th by zoom/webinar, details of which will be sent to you in due course.


1.     Meeting called to order, housekeeping and silence for departed members - Secretary

2.     Apologies for absence – Secretary

3.     Confirmation of Minutes of District Council Meeting held in July 2020 – (copy already circulated) – DG Tim Bushell. 

4.     Matters Arising – not covered elsewhere on the Agenda

5.     Report of District Governor – DG Tim

6.     Nominations / appointments 2021-22 - District Secretary

                                          i.    District Governor Nominee

                                         ii.    Assistant Governors

                                         iii.    District Officers

                                        iv.     Committee Team Leads  

                                         v.    DG Appointments


7.     Community Support Fund - RC North Worcestershire

8.     Reports of District Officers and Service Committee Chairmen

7a.  Budget Update– District Finance Team Leader – John Brown and Finance Officer – Robert Rainbow.

7b  Other Officer Reports

9.     District Conference – 2020/21 – DG Tim Bushell

10.   District Conference 2021/22 – DGN David Clayfield

11.   Compliance Update – DGE John Parkinson

12.   Report of District Secretary 

13.   Any Other Business . for which seven days’ notice must be given in writing to the District Secretary:


Letter_1_fromRC_N.Worcs_re_District_1060_community_fund.pdf Letter_2_reply_to_N.Worcs_re_District_1060_community_fund.pdf Letter_3_reply_from_N.Worcs_re_District_1060_Community_Fund.pdf