Crowdfunding has been around since 1885 and in 2017 RGB&I teamed up with Global Giving to give Rotary Clubs an opportunity to partake in this tried and tested form of fundraising.

Is your Club thinking about how it could raise funds from other activities that previously might have come from functions, outdoor events etc?

Maybe Crowdfunding is your answer.

RGB&I have teamed up with Global Giving, a charity with over 18 years experience, having raised over $634 million dollars from 1,383,222 donors for 31474 projects in over 175 Countries.

Remember you need a good project; something that your crowd can relate to. 

You need a passion to help the charity or cause you wish to receive money for.

Also, key is a team to help you.

As at January 2021, Clubs in District 1240 have raised over £100,000 in less than 2 years.

Want to try it in your club, we can help.

In 2022, RGBI teamed up with Crowdfunder, a UK-based platform with a variety of fundraising options.

To register please use to receive preferential terms.

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