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Welcome to the Rotary District 1070 Compliance pages for the Rotary year 2022-23

The District 1070 Compliance Advisor is Will Cowell from the Ramsey Rotary Club.

The District Safeguarding Advisor for 2022-23 is Kate Haythornthwaite, in the Melton Aurora club.

The District Equality and Diversity Advisor for 2022-23 is Ken Billington from the Huntingdon Cromwell club.

They are all enthusiastic Rotarians and between them they hold a wealth of knowledge across business, health and safety, management, and the legal and health service sectors. They continue to stay abreast of current legislation and gain the relevant qualifications.

They would rather you ask for help before there is a need for intervention or, worse still, a situation that then requires rectification after the event.

They are willing to attend club, area or district events as requested.  

Will became a full-time solicitor in 1994 after a 20-year engineering career, and he was very actively involved in the running of his own legal firm in Cambridge until its merger at the beginning of April 2020.  He found time to put in 15 years of service to the Cambridgeshire Law Society, serving as President twice and Treasurer for 6 years.  He continues to chair the board of the Cambridge & Ely Child Contact Centres, so he is no stranger to regulatory requirements.  Like his predecessor, Will is very keen to see equality and diversity taken seriously, albeit for different reasons.  He views this post as a resource and a source of help for all clubs, and perhaps particularly for Secretaries and Clubs’ own Compliance officers, whatever title they may hold.

You can contact either of them by email on or as appropriate – or via the 1070 membership handbook under their appropriate clubs.

This section of the District 1070 website contains the Compliance documents for your Club and associated Policies and information.

These need to be signed and recorded in your Club council minutes at the start of each Rotary year, then returned to Rotarian Will Cowell. A link to the 2020-21 form can be found below, followed by Compliance information.

Thank you in advance.

To go directly to specific District 1070 Compliance pages, click the links below:

Why Sign the Compliance Statement?

Compliance Confirmation Form

Clicking on the following image will take you to a RGB&I web page where you will find links to the latest guides on Safeguarding and Compliance. 

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Compliance, Safeguarding, Health & Safety pages:

Compliance Confirmation Form

more Clubs need to sign this at the start of each Rotary year, and return a copy to the district compliance officer.

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Why Sign the Compliance Confirmation Form?

more Why clubs should sign the form each year