Rotary Towns in the East Midlands

This page will provide a brief history and the geography of the Towns in East Midlands Rotary and links to Rotary Clubs in those towns.

Rotary Towns in the East Midlands pages:


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more Grantham is a town in the East Midlands found easily if you run your finger up The Great North Road, the A1, from London to Edinburgh. Read more about it below and find links to Rotary Clubs at the bottom of the page.

Volunteering in Charnwood

more Charnwood is a District of Leicestershire (3 pages below this)


more County Town of the County of Leicestershire


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more Home of the Pilgrim Fathers


more County Town of Northamptonshire


more Lincoln is the County Town of Lincolnshire the second largest County in England. The skyline of Lincoln is dominated by the Cathedral.

St Neots

more St Neots is a town in the Huntingdonshire District of the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 50 miles (80 km) north of London.