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This page is mainly aimed at Rotarians but the information is not confidential so is viewable by non Rotarians.



At the last District Council meeting, DG Peter outlined the challenge set by RI to increase the number of Rotarians in 1070 who have an active My Rotary account (currently around 52%). This list below of 10 best reasons to sign up and use a My Rotary account has been put together to encourage all Rotarians make use of this facility.


  1. My Rotary gives easy and simple access to the Rotary global family activities.
  2. It saves time and energy searching for RGBI contact details and direct link to Rotary Club Central.
  3. Now that we are using the Rotary GB&I template for the district website, being registered for My Rotary will give you access to the “members only pages”.
  4. It improves administration by providing helpful templates for future projects e.g. risk assessment, Rotary citations, etc.
  5. It helps to improve your overall Rotary experience by learning from the online leadership and skills training workshops.
  6. It gives you direct access to all the DMS resources and the ability to track, trace and update your details as you grow and develop with Rotary.
  7. It gives direct access to Rotary Foundation and the ability to donate online to RFUK.
  8. It gives direct access to club and District support all in one place and digital access to the District handbook.
  9. It gives access to wider global Rotary opportunities to serve nationally and internationally.
  10. It gives direct access to the Rotary GB&I online shop.


Log on to My Rotary today and enjoy all the benefits above. It is quick and simple and will save you lots of time in the future.  Go to and click on ‘Register for an Account’.

To achieve this Clubs will need to put in place a number of things including;

  • having a varied and of interesting programme of activities
  • developing an inviting and friendly environment to members from all backgrounds
  • organising their meeting and other arrangements to meet the changing needs of their membership, . Thus, clubs are encouraged to consider the frequency of their meetings, the style and the timing of those meetings. and
  • being involved in a range of meaningful service activities for local communities and international projects.

Within D1070 there are a number of initiatives in place to enable members to fully enjoy being a Rotarian:

  • Inter-club activities
  • Rotary Action Groups
  • Rotary Fellowships
  • Training and awareness sessions on key topics
  • The opportunity to join Teams moving the District forward

The District has experienced Rotarians working closely with Assistant Governors as Membership specialists to promote best practice and support the use of available tools including:

  • Member satisfaction surveys
  • Club health checks
  • Visioning exercises
  • Exit surveys

The challenge for all clubs is to be innovative and flexible to meet the challenges they face. It is recognised however, that there would be some clubs with no wish to change. To accommodate clubs with this genuine view a number of the options are available for them to consider in the section Extending the Rotary Footprint.

Members - Engagement pages:

Liaison Governor

more .

Leadership Development and Training

more Preparation of, and responsible for, the content of the main District 1070 Training Sessions i.e. the ‘generic’ training.

Member Attraction

more This page is about how to attract membership.

Membership Extension

more Members will stay in clubs and be keen to extend their service commitments and involvement in the Rotary world if they feel that they are involved and that the gift of their time is worthwhile.


more As with all RIBI Districts, the ability to maintain our service activities faces the challenge of a membership defined by its older age demographic and a rapidly changing world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

New Members Information

more Some facts about Rotary


more Rotary welcomes people to join us, either as supporters, helping with events and activities, or as members.

Member Attraction

more ​New members are attracted to join us by what they see and what they experience of our activities. There are several routes into full membership, but in every case a member joins because they are invited to do so.

Minor Sports

more These are generally Pub Games Club versus Club.

District Quiz

more Quiz arranged between Clubs in Areas with the winner of the Areas going forward to a District Final