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So you Want to be Your Own Boss?

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Join Us for the next Rotary Works Event: So you Want to be Your Own Boss?
There’s a lot more to owning a business than meets the eye.  
Learn from a serial entrepreneur the critical success factors in a business startup or acquisition.  
Learn how to critically assess the business model – is it a scalable business or are you buying a job?  
You may decide to go it alone or that you need a partner or other investors.  There are a set of essential steps to make sure your interests, as well as theirs, are protected.  
And, let’s start with the end in mind.  Owning a business isn’t forever.  There will be a time when you no longer want to or may be unable to continue owning the business.  
Planning for that transition at the outset is essential to the sustainability of the business and building enough value to ensure your financial security after the deal closes.  

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