Presidents Elect Preparation seminar Part 1

Wed, Mar 16th 2022 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Seminar for Presidents Elect. The details of the meeting will be posted as soon as possible and will be conducted via the Zoom platform.

    It is recognised that many repeating presidents are not well disposed to attendance at preparation events that are similar to events they have attended before. There is a risk that as we leave virtual or hybrid meetings we can slip back to the well-known and comfortable ways that we left in 2019 without considering if this is the best way of helping our clubs to flourish. This year we are proposing a new event aimed at engaging the PE’s to improve the look, feel and working of our clubs. This is the basis of the vibrant club programme that was introduced last year. We will be encouraging our existing and potential members to join our club officers in making clubs more attractive by paying more attention to our public image, to developing new projects. This session will be run jointly between the LDT, Membership and Public Image teams.

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