Rotary Supporting Ukraine

Peace is a cornerstone of our global mission. We stand with the people of Ukraine. Find out how Rotarians in this area are trying to help.

We are working with Rotary colleagues in Ukraine as well as those in countries neighbouring Ukraine who are supporting Ukraine.

Personal Experiences

Rotary has many links across the world - read what Iryna Bushmina, a Rotaractor from Kyiv, has to say on Facebook about the value of the Rotary family (and read the full story here):

How to help

You can now donate online using this link.  Rotary is matching the first £10,000 raised.

Rotary Supporting Ukraine pages:

Warm Clothing for Ukraine

more Project to send warm winter clothing to Ukraine - November 2022

Mine Detection and Clearance

more We have been very active in providing mine detection devices and are also working to warn of the dangers posed to the population by mines


more The message from Rotarians in Ukraine is that generators and uninterruptible power supply systems are desperately needed for communities, families and key facilities including hospitals, water pumping stations and much more

Natalia, her daughter and granddaughter

Moshchun - a story of one village in Ukraine

more Destroyed and re-built