Requests for Help for Ukraine

On this page are requests for specific help made from within Ukraine.


Andrea Fiford of RC Melton Mowbray Enterprise accompanied by Kerry Malster visited Romania and the RC Oradea over the Easter period to ascertain what was needed in that area, particularly for disabled and orphaned children.  One their return they presented the table below showing immediate needs and our District response fund provide £10,000 of aid.





Immediate food and water in refugee camps in Moldova and into Ukraine

As much as is available

Rotary Oradea

D1070 donated £5000 11 April 22



There is urgent need, refugees are going up to 24 hours without food and water (see text message copied in below) Rotary Oradea is sending aid and we can support this effort


Bus hire and fuel costs to collect disabled refugees from Ukraine into Romania                       

850 to 1500 euros per bus trip


Rotary Oradea supporting the amazing systems in place coordinated by  People2People

Part of donation 1

These are extremely vulnerable refugees who need transportation assistance to come out of Ukraine.


Food and utilities for 30 refugees at a midway house for up to 3 months.

£5 per day per refugee x 30 refugees is £150 a day. £4500 per month and £13,500 in total




People2People  with Rotary Oradea/ RC Oradea Art Nouveau

 D1070 donated £5000 11 April

£4000 1 May 22



Decompression House would be a safe place for traumatized disabled people to spend a few weeks before moving on to their next destination.

Accommodation is in place at an excellent, specialist centre, Camino Felix in Oradea

On 5 May Andrea took part in a Zoom meeting with Oradea which resulted in the list of needs below.  In the meantime  BBC News aired a report from the orphanage which we have been helping on 3 May

Adults with disabilities

·      Disabled refugees (30) from Nobel House have nowmoved to Tinca. They wish to stay there long term but this is not possible due to costs and need to transit so others can be assisted. The grp have many needs and are totally dependent upon P2P currently. Nicu is looking for an exit for them and long term accom, poss in Holland & Germany


·      32 more (new group) disabled refugees are looking to come over from Uzherood, there is short-term space at Celebration house for them but they will also need longer term options. It will cost another £850 to collect them.



Displaced Disabled Orphans

·         Nicu visited 52 disabled displaced child refugees from Donbass, from an orphanage that was bombed and destroyed.  They are currently in an orphanage in Cernoitz, in west Ukraine, but it already has over 200 children there and there are not enough facilities for them, such as beds, mattresses etc. Most of their carers have left. (See BBC news 5.5.22, - tragic images of very needy disabled children L )



·         2 x Roma groups.  They have travelled from Kiev area to a safer area within Ukraine, but are not supported by the local community who are already overwhelmed with people from the south, and there is prejudice against the Roma community.

-They need food desperately

-Currently living in a sports hall



There are now 2300 women and children in a centre in Moldova needing further basic supplies (Up from 820 2 weeks ago)


Angela Woods (District e-club) writes: 

Dear Rotarian,

I have just returned from Poland volunteering at a centre for Ukrainian refugees.  As soon as my passport is back I will be returning to Poland.  Since I have been back in the UK, I have found out that Rotarians have registered with the government's scheme but have been unable to find Ukrainians to sponsor.  There are families that are wanting to come to the UK but need sponsoring families.  If you are one of these Rotarians I would like to help you.  I have direct contact with the centre in Poland that is supporting the Ukrainians when they arrive in Poland. 

Please fill in this form to register your interest and I will be in touch to get you in contact with the team in Poland.

Dear Fellow Rotarians, Dear Cadre Members,

I have been connected to Oksana Tjupa, Charter President at Rotary Club Kyiv International.

She is asking for our help and advice, and in particular on the two following questions:

  • Direction "wash". How can we cooperate in this direction? The fact is that we do not have a person in the District who is responsible for this direction. We do not know about all the possibilities of Rotary that we could use to help Ukraine.
  • Communities of experts. We need experts in crematria, concrete grinding for damaged building repair, experts in commercial water treatment. Who can I contact in Rotary Professional Fellowships

Please let me know who may address these issues, and I will connect directly to her.

Please also see the attached report she sent. They are in contact with almost all RCs in Ukraine and ready to work together.

This is a very dark and tragic period, please stay healthy and in good spirit.

My kindest regards in Rotary


Simona Pinton, Ph.D.

RC Padova Euganea, D2060 – TRF Club Commission

D2060 Task Force Ukraine 2022

District 2060 The Rotary Foundation Commission - member

TRF Cadre Technical Coordinator Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention

TRF Cadre, Regional Organizer - Europe, Mena, Central and North Asia

Rotary Positive Peace Activator and Ambassador

Rotary Peace Fellow, UC Berkeley School of Law, 2002-2004

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