Ukrainian Disaster Response Grants

The Rotary Foundation has set up a special Disaster Response Grant scheme and $15m have been made available; our District has been allocated two $25,000 grants for assistance to refugees in our District or elesewhere.

The first step in any Rotary Foundation Grant is to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU); below is a very simple MoU which may be completed and authorised by either the Club President or President-elect; the details from the MoU will be forwarded to the Application form where the appropriate data will be auto-filled to avoid unnecessary duplication.    
As soon as the MoU is received in the Foundation database a link will be forwarded to the authorisor of the MoU to a partly-completed Application form; the link may be forwarded to any other club member appointed to apply for the grant, pre-filled data can simply be over-written. 
Your Foundation Grants Team will attempt to turn round your application within 24 hours; please halp us by completing the form carefully and in line with the instructions.

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