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This page contains, emails and videos from Ukraine.

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Current initiatives that Rotarians can engage with the Ukraine Crisis

27 May 2022

Projects that RC Kyiv Central are co-ordinating (Please contact Sergii Zavadsky: RC Kyiv-City,

1.       Proving humanitarian aid like medicines, food, warm clothing to more costly, but very necessary instruments, equipment, machines, and vehicles.

2.       Electrical generators needed (new and used) – 2.2-10 kW supply

3.       Ambulances – needed in many areas

4.       Fire trucks – do have at the moment, but always in need

5.       Medical supplies, tourniquets, Celox, and tactical first aid

6.       Medical equipment – operating tables, lamps, external fixations systems/lamps, backpacks, boxes with operation equipment

7.       Water supplies for Mikolaiv – Aquabox or other

8.       Practical equipment for shelters – see Shelterbox

9.       Transportation for seriously wounded abroad

10.   Support in vaccinations for covid and polio.

11.   In the next 3 months projects requesting assistance include:

a.       Ambulances

b.       Portable ultrasound equipment

c.       Mobile baby incubators

d.       Mobile x-ray machines

e.       Patient vital monitoring

f.        Kyiv (or liberated area) region rebuilding – Tradeaid or Rotary service

Requirements from Andrea Fiford (RC Melton Mowbray Enterprise orking with Romanian Clubs):

1.       Nappies for all ages and baby toddler food

2.       Salt

Requirements from Angela Woods (RC District 1070 E-Club working in Poland):

1.       Bags and backpacks

Contact the Rotary GB&I Ukraine Crisis Taskforce for details on the following:

1.       UNICEF and Water Survival Box and Aquabox

2.       Taskforce and Ukraine/Bulgaria ICC presentation:

3.       Food, hygiene products, medicines, baby products

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