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These pages are for the latest Ukranian projects launched in 1070. And the first club to announce on this page is the E Club, the DG's Club.



We have now for nearly 1 year worked with the Canada Way. Every time they go into Ukraine they are still finding people that need our help. This week they have reached out as they have a big ask as they have found a big need. In Western Ukraine, there is a centre that is providing daily support for 24 children with special educational needs. This centre was government funded but since the war the funding has stopped; it is now fully funded by the volunteers. Currently they have to hire a mini bus and do three trips in the morning and three trips in the afternoon to get the 24 children to and from the centre. They also have a child that is wheelchair bound who cannot access the centre as there is no way to get him there. Please check out our TotalGiving page and give what you can:

TotalGiving™ - Ukraine Children's Rehabilitation Bus - The Rotary E Club Of District 1070 - Fundraising Page

Our goal is £9,500 we know this is a lot of money but it will give 24 children access to daily provision in a time that has already been so disrupted by a conflict that they didn’t ask to be part of. Because of their needs these children and their families don’t have the choice to leave and start again somewhere else so please help us to help them.

Our plan is to raise the money ASAP. Fill the bus with aid and drive it over to Ukraine then hand over to the centre.

Give what you can.

Share far and wide.

Remember that this conflict isn’t over!

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