Community Activities and Programmes

Dedicated to helping the communities in which we live and work

Rotary members are dedicated community leaders who actively contribute to the betterment of their local areas. They are committed to enhancing lives and fostering positive transformations within their neighborhoods. Each event, initiative, or project undertaken is deeply rooted in the principle of community engagement. This belief stems from the understanding that cohesive communities lead to a more prosperous society.

Rotarians embody the ethos of "Service Above Self" and are known as "People of Action" who generously offer their time, expertise, and resources to support various community endeavors. Their involvement extends beyond fundraising efforts, often involving hands-on participation in a diverse array of local projects.

These projects encompass collaborating with community groups, assisting at food banks, establishing sewing groups, extending support to local hospices, and aiding in literacy programs at primary schools. Additionally, Rotarians engage in activities such as organizing memory caf├ęs, coordinating lunches for the elderly, providing sailing lessons for those with disabilities, arranging outings for young carers and underprivileged children, among many other initiatives.

You may have encountered Rotary's presence in your local area through initiatives such as Santa sleighs, concerts, firework displays, classic car shows, Swimarathons, and various other events organised or supported by your local Rotary Club.

Take a look at some of our Local Community Activities in the East Midlands.

If you would like to help in these activities and have input into the local causes supported by Rotary then why not join your local Rotary Club? 

Search for your local Rotary club using your post code in our Club Finder Tool.

Our Rotary Clubs are also incredibly proud to organise and run the Annual Disability Games, one of the most worthwhile community events in our district.

Rotary also partners with national organisations and charities that actively help local people and communities, including:-

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Community Activities and Programmes pages:

Local Community Activities

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more We Empower Children with Warmth, Dignity, and Hope

Kids Out



more Resuscitation Training Programme

District 1070 Disability Games

more Disabled competitors of all ages take part in archery, darts, curling, table tennis, weightlifting, boccia, shooting, swimming, wheelchair slalom, and wheelchair dash. (3 pages below this)

Rotary & Sailability

more In The East Midlands ten Rotary Clubs assist a devoted group of local volunteers at Grafham Water Sailability (GWS) in providing freedom on the water to disabled people

Calvert Trust - Lake District

more Delivering challenging outdoor adventure holidays for people with disabilities