Kids Out 2009

It was another great day for Rotary and Inner Wheel hosting the annual KidsOut 1040 event at Lightwater Valley theme park. The sun shone & the rain kindly stayed away.

Knaresborough Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs came together recently for 'Kids Out', taking thirty-three pupils from Forest School to Lightwater Valley for the day.

'Kids Out' dates back to the 1960's and has become the largest single day out for disadvantaged children in the UK.

Seven hundred and thirty children were taken to Lightwater Valley by Clubs in Rotary District 1040 which covers North and West Yorkshire, with an estimated 28,000 children involved across the United Kingdom.  

One head teacher said
"We bring all the children from our school. It's the only chance in the year we get to do this. If we take a single class to a park like this, they stand out from the other kids and are often very aware of being pointed out as 'different'. Kids Out is unique, in that most of the kids at the park have special needs, and so they feel relaxed and really enjoy themselves".

Four Rotarians, two Inner Wheelers and twelve staff from Forest School accompanied the thirty-three pupils from Forest School and enjoyed a rain free day.  

Mr Patrick Organ from Forest School said

"The staff and pupils at The Forest School had a fantastic day at Lightwater  Valley and wish to say a big thank you to Knaresborough Rotary Club for inviting them and being so helpful on the day".

Thirsk Rotary club & Thirsk Inner Wheel club jointly hosted 50 youngsters from Mowbray School in Bedale.

Photos courtesy of Tony Jordan

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