Past Members & Friends

This page contains our memories and thoughts of club members and friends who are no longer with us.

In memory of Cyril Frazer who died on the 4th October 2016.  Cyril was born 19th March 1925 and joined our Rotary Club on 30th July 1999.  He was a staunch Rotarian and an important member of our club.  He served in the RAF during the war and was always able to entertain us with stories about the planes he flew and the comradeship of the armed forces.  He was big in stature and big in personality.  His funeral was held on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at Randalls Park Crematorium.

In memory of Dick Bradley who died in July 2015. 

Last nights Induction was tinged with sadness as Dick Bradley, a long standing Rotarian died at the weekend. Memorial Service on Tuesday 14th July at 16:15.  The Induction of the new officers was tinged with sadness as we held a minutes silence for Dick Bradley who died a few days ago.  Many people in Epsom will know him as he was in Partnership with Michael Arthur and ran a building firm in Epsom and Ewell for many years. He was a good man and, before joining Epsom, was a valuable member of the Ewell Club for many years. He was a Paul Harris Fellow.   In his latter years in Epsom we didn't see him at his best and probably didn't know just how much he did for Rotary. Some years ago he was Akela of 7th Epsom Methodist Cubs and Ann Maggs was his assistant. 

A memorial service will be held at Epsom Methodist Church on Tuesday 14th July at 16:15..

In memory of Peter Reynolds who died on the 4th October 2013.  Please click herefor our memories of Peter.

In memory of Tony Hurdle who died on the 14th April 2011. Tony Hurdle, who died on the 14th April at the age of 82,was a consultant haematologist at Epsom General Hospital. He joined the club in 1991 and was a prominent member of the Community Service Committee, tireless in his support of the clubs charitable and social activities. He was particularly concerned with the plight of the homeless in a rich county like Surrey, initiating valuable projects for the Leatherhead Night Hostel and Pitstop which continue to this day. He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2007 for his outstanding service. He resigned in 2008 because of failing health and was made an honorary member. As a rotary friend wrote, he was such a nice man whom we greatly miss, and we offer condolences to his wife, Joan, and all the family. The President and a number of members attended a service of thanksgiving at Abinger Common.

It is with great sadness that Roy Richmond M.B.E, our longest standing club member passed away on the 24th January 2011. Roy was a Freeman of Epsom & Ewell and/upimages/clubfiles/874/News Articles/Peter Moore.pdf a Paul Harris Fellow and assisted by his wife Nancy gave freely of his time and support to Rotary and many other good causes. Roy was President of our club in 1991/2 and he will be greatly missed and our condolences go out to Nancy and all his family. Please CLICK HERE for a tribute to Roy.

In memory of Mike Hodges who died on the 10th January 2011. Please click here for our memories of Mike.

In memory of Peter Moore who died on the 13th September 2010. Please click here for our memories of Peter.

In memory of Peter Carpenter - 9th August 1944 30th July 2009.  Please click here for our memories of Peter.

In memory of SHARON ELIZABETH BREWER (ne MAGGS) - 21st June 1970 11th August 2008.  Please click here for our memories of Sharon.