Christmas General Knowledge Quiz 2018 - 2019

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 Rotary International                          GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 2018 – 2019

Rotary Club of Bournemouth East Cliff                         £1 per entry - £50 1st Prize                                                                                                                                                  £25 2nd Prize

President: Keith Randall                                                                           £10 3rd Prize

Secretary: Simon Walsham                                                                       Proceeds to Rotary Charities


             Closing date for entries 21st January 2019                       Winners notified by 28th January 2019


Send entries to the Promoter: Rotarian Mike Crockett, Mela, 23 Apple Grove, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2HG. Email: Promoter’s decision is final on all entries.

If you require your entry returned with answers & winners details –please enclose SAE or send email address


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Answer A, B or C


In which city did poet John Keats die?

A Rome

B Paris

C London


Which two states border Florida?

A Alabama and Georgia

B Alabama and Louisiana

C Georgia and Louisiana


The first ever commercial bungie jump took place in which country?

A South Africa

B Australia

C New Zealand


Britain’s first black archbishop became bishop of where in 2005?

A Durham

B York

C Canterbury


The river Senne flows through which capital city?

A Amsterdam

B Brussels

C Copenhagen


Who was the fourth man to walk on the moon?

A Mr Bean

B Mr Darcy

C Mr Kipling


Who was the king during the Peasant’s Revolt?

A King John

B Henry III

C Richard II


Where did Disney open a resort on June 16, 2016?

A Singapore

B Shanghai

C Tokyo


What was Charles Dickens’ first novel?

A The Pickwick Papers

B The Old Curiosity Shop

C Oliver Twist


At the time of Casanova’s birth which city was the pleasure capital of Europe?

A Paris

B Rome

C Venice


Most of which African country’s wine is produced in Cap Bon?

A Namibia

B South Africa

C Tunisia


Who was the fourth Doctor Who?

A Tom Baker

B Jon Pertwee

C Peter Davison


‘Socks’ was the pet cat of which US President?

A Ronald Reagan

B Bill Clinton

C George W. Bush


Who did Helen Mirren live with in the early 1980s?

A Liam Neeson

B Bob Hoskins

C Peter O’Toole


Who in July 2011 made her film debut as Smurfette in The Smurfs?

A Christina Aguilera

B Paris Hilton

C Katie Perry


Which coin was first issued on the 9th of June 1982?

A two pound

B one pound

C twenty pence


The name of which spice comes from the French word for ‘nail’?

A Cinnamon

B Cardamom

C Clove


Where in the human body is the stapedius muscle situated?

A Nose

B Ears

C Leg


Which is the largest internal organ in the human body?

A Liver

B Heart

C Lung


After whom is the chemical element with atomic number 102 named?

A Albert Einstein

B Alfred Bernhard Nobel

C Isaac Newton


The capital of which Scandinavian country is located on the islands of Zealand and Amager?

A Norway

B Sweden

C Denmark


In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea what was the name of the warship in which Captain Nemo sailed?

A Basillus

B Nautilus

C Remolus


Adams, Leverrier, Galle and Lassell are some of the rings of which planet?

A Neptune

B Saturn

C Jupiter


With which artist would you associate The Thinker, a statue cast in bronze?

A Auguste Rodin

B Michelangelo

C Leonardo da Vinci


Collectively, how many moons do the planets Mercury and Venus have?

A One

B None

C Five


Who wrote the science fiction classic Rendezvous with Rama?

A Arthur C. Clarke

B Ray Bradbury

C H. G. Wells


Tennis player Rafael Nadal was born on which Mediterranean island?

A Ibiza

B Majorca

C Minorca


In which European country is Lake Balaton?

A Hungary

B Poland

C Romania


Which bank robber was killed by FBI agents outside the Biograph Theatre in Chicago in 1934?

A Al Capone

B John Dillinger

C Baby Face Nelson


What does a tegestologist collect?

A Beermats

B Cheese labels

C Postcards


Which comedian started his own folk club, The Boggery, aged 16?

A Max Boyce

B Jasper Carrott

C Mike Harding


Snowflake, who died in Barcelona Zoo in 2003, was an albino what?

A Chimpanzee

B Gorilla

C Orang-utan


Which chemical element was discovered in a Scottish lead mine in 1787?

A Gallium

B Osmium

C Strontium


By what name is the River Thames known as it flows through Oxford?

A Isis

B Kennet

C Orwell


The annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run begins from which park?

A Hyde Park

B Regent’s Park

C St James’s Park


Which actress was born Lucille Fay LeSueur in 1905?

A Joan Crawford

B Bette Davis

C Greta Garbot


Which North American mammal defends itself by spraying a foul-smelling fluid from glands beneath its tail?

A Caribou

B Raccoon

C Skunk


Musophobia is the fear of what?

A Mice

B Music

C Poetry


Urchin is the old English name for which animal?

A Badger

B Hedgehog

C Vole


Swabia is a historic and linguistic region of which country?

A Austria

B Germany

C Hungary


What was the first name of Sir Winston Churchill’s only son?

A Ralph

B Randolph

C Rupert


The prefix ‘tele’, as in telephone or television, comes from which language?

A Arabic

B Greek

C Hebrew


A lorimer was a craftsman who made what?

A Gloves

B Flags

C Spurs


What type of creature is a zander?

A Fish

B Lizard

C Snake


The Wolf’s Caves can be found on which of the Channel Islands?

A Alderney

B Guernsey

C Jersey


What is a Quercus?

A A ballet step

B A Greek coin

C An oak tree


What is Wayne Rooney’s middle name?

A David

B Mark

C Robert


At which racecourse is the Height of Fashion Stakes run?

A Ascot

B Goodwood

C Kempton Park


What is the capital of Belize?

A Belmopan

B Managua

C Tegucigalpa


What was the name of the record label sold exclusively by Woolworths and consisting of cover versions of current hits?

A Ambassador

B Embassy

C Regal


In 1848 the first W H Smith newsstand was opened on which London terminal station?

A Euston

B Kings Cross

C Paddington


In which country is there a chain of department stores known as GUM?

A Brazil

B France

C Russia


In which English county is the resort of Sheringham?

A Essex

B Norfolk

C Suffolk


Which year saw the opening of San Francisco’s first cable-operated street railway?

A 1873

B 1883

C 1893


In which state is the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, site of the 1876 battle?

A Montana

B Utah

C Wyoming


Who became the first president of the Royal Academy in 1769?

A Thomas Gainsborough

B Joshua Reynolds

C George Stubbs


Which radical feminist shot Andy Warhol in 1968?

A Andrea Dworkin

B Melissa Farley

C Valerie Solanas


What is the name of the plasticine figure created by TV artist and presenter Tony Hart in 1977?

A Miffy

B Morph

C Muffy


When did Turkey’s old capital Constantinople get re-named Istanbul?

A 1918

B 1923

C 1930


Where was the International Red Cross founded in 1864?

A Bern

B Geneva

C Zurich


In which decade did Swedish physicist Alfred Nobel patent dynamite?

A 1840s

B 1860s

C 1880s


What is the more popular name for the clavicle?

A Breastbone

B Collarbone

C Shoulder blade


What is measured by a sphygmometer?

A Blood pressure

B Intelligence

C Reflexes


What does a digitabulist collect?

A Teapots

B Thimbles

C Trowels


Who was the first Hollywood actress to appear on a postage stamp?

A Grace Kelly

B Marilyn Monroe

C Jane Russell


RAM is the national airline of which country?

A Mauritania

B Morocco

C Mozambique


For what does the first A stand in the acronym BAFTA?

A Academy

B Arts

C Association


Folkestone is near the Eastern end of which motorway?

A M2

B M20

C M23


In the TV sitcom “One Foot In The Grave” who played Margaret Meldrew?

A Annette Crosbie

B June Whitfield

C Thora Hird


Kelvedon Wonder and Little Marvel are types of what?

A Cabbage

B Pea

C Potato


On a Monopoly board what colour is Pentonville Road?

A Green

B Light Blue

C Red


The album ‘Tissues And Issues’ was a success for which star?

A Charlotte Church

B Bruno Mars

C Jessie J


In which TV drama was set in Glenbogle?

A Dr Finlay’s Casebook

B Monarch of the Glen

C Take the High Road


Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton get married?

A Westminster Abbey

B St Georges Chapel

C St Pauls Cathedral


In a game of roulette what is a bet on numbers 1-18 called?

A Manque

B Grifter

C Parlay


Which Scottish island has 8 working distilleries on it?

A Islay

B Mull

C Skye


David Lloyd George was born in which British city?

A Cardiff

B Glasgow

C Manchester


The highest honour in Denmark is the Order of the what?

A Elephant

B Bear

C Eagle


The T-Bana railway serves which European capital city?

A Copenhagen

B Oslo

C Stockholm


How many strings does a harp have?

A 28

B 38

C 48