Developing Treatments for rare Tropical Diseases

Thu 12th September 2019 at 13.00 - 14.00

Professor Kevin Read - 12th September 2019

Kevin is accountable for the strategy and coordination of DMPK support to all DDU projects, using in silico ADME models together with a range of in vitroand in  vivo tools, to ensure rapid identification of quality hit series and timely progress through to pre-clinical candidates. He has implemented industry standard DMPK assays coupled with state of the art UPLCMSMS technology for supporting hit to lead and lead optimisation programmes.

Kevin’s background is in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, with extensive experience of early phase drug discovery, lead optimisation, project leadership and pre-clinical development gained from over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and the DDU.  He has pulled together a team of DMPK scientists with over 100 years of collective biopharmaceutical DMPK experience and all of the skills and tools necessary to ensure that only those molecules with appropriate developability to deliver the required target product profile will progress through lead optimisation.

During 25 years in major Pharma and the DDU Kevin has achieved a considerable track record of success in drug discovery, playing a significant part in 7 compounds entering pre-clinical development, 4 of which have entered clinical trials. Kevin co-led the malaria programme team that recently delivered the first pre-clinical development candidate for the DDU.

Kevin has significant expertise in CNS drug discovery gained from over 15 years’ experience in CNS drug discovery lead optimisation teams at GlaxoSmithKline.  During this time Kevin was a programme leader for a full lead optimisation programme up to candidate selection in major depressive disorder, a deputy programme leader on two other psychiatry lead optimisation programmes and represented DMPK on numerous other projects.   During this time, Kevin played a significant part in delivering 4 pre-clinical and clinical candidates for major depressive disorder, sleep disorders and bipolar.  Additionally, Kevin led a GSK blood-brain barrier working group and was a key player in redefining the CNS drug discovery lead optimization process within the pharmaceutical industry.

Kevin has led the development within the DDU of key rodent models of disease efficacy for the kinetoplastid diseases; Human African trypanosomiasis, Visceral Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease and support the identification and development of models in the Innovative Targets Portfolio.

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