Join Our Emergency Birth Skills Training Team.
we are looking for new members to join our Vocational Training Team and to travel to Uganda for 10 days in March 2018

the April 2017 team members at the Ngora Freda Carr Hospital 07/01/2018
Ngora Freda Carr Hospital.
visits by the District 1090 Vocational Training Team to Freda Carr Hospital and Nursing School

measuring blood pressure - teaching the nursing school students at Kamuli Mission Hospital 07/01/2018
Kamuli Mission Hospital.
our Vocational Training Team visits to Kamuli Mission Hospital and the adjacent Nursing School to teach emergency birth skills

Our Vocational Training Team, teaching emergency birth skills in Uganda.
Our Vocational Training Team was established in 2013, with its first visits in 2014, followed by visits each year since then

our scholars for 2017/18, at our Meet the Scholars dinner in Oxford in October 06/01/2018
Our Rotary Scholars in 2017/18.
we are lucky enough to host 23 Rotary Scholars for the 2017/18 academic year