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We often talk of "Rotary Charities", forgetting that "Foundation" is only another word for "Charity". Rotary has ONE charity - it's own charity, our own charity, and that charity is THE ROTARY FOUNDATION.

Remember, also, that half of everything given to The Rotary Foundation comes back to the donating district three years later and is available for clubs in the district to use in their community and international work. 50% of money given to Foundation comes back to us for us to use, three years later; it is money lent, not money given away.

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Doing Good In The World

Dear Anita, 

Please find attached some life stories and photographs of some of the children on Ukerewe Island, Tanzania who have received school uniforms, exercise books, pencils and pens with the money that was received from our Rotary Club and the District 1040 grant last year. Without this help, these children would have been unable to attend school and receive an education, as they are either orphaned or their parents/guardians are too poor to be able to afford these items.  These are just a FEW of the MANY children you are helping by changing their lives around.  

Also attached are photographs which show other children, some wearing their everyday clothing with their families, and some after they have received their new uniform.  I cannot express the joy and gratitude shown by the families, as to these people who have virtually nothing, the fact that their children can now go to school is something quite wonderful.  The progress of the recipients is monitored by the Lake Victoria Children’s Society and when necessary the children are given new stationary and clothing to be able to keep the children in education. 

An article regarding this donation and matching grant was published in the December 2016 edition of the Filey Bay Today magazine.  It is expected that the money received will provide over four hundred children with a uniform and other items.  Can you imagine the excitement this is causing on the island?

I would like to thank District 1040 for their support and I will provide further information at a later date. 

Derek Edwards. 
The Rotary Club of Filey. 

A boy is called; Obed Methusela (7yrs old), he in standard 1 at Muriti primary school.  His mom is called Grace (29 yrs) and his father is called Methusela (49 yrs).  The family has 4 siblings, father is drunken person and fails to take care for his family and sometimes spends several days out there. Their house is almost collapsing because of fathers’ carelessness. They are residing at Muriti village.

Their Challenges; food, clothes and shelter.

Obed was enrolled in school on December 2016 for std one but he has never gone to school till LVC discovered him and assisted for school materials that is now able to start going to school and continues with studies.

2nd story

A little girl is called; Grace Chilebo 8 yrs old, she is in standard One and living at Buhima village. Her mother is called Sikitu who is disabled (31 yrs).

Status: She was abandoned when she was 1 yr, and in that year her mother became disabled whereas her right leg is impaired.

Both Grace and her mother are taken care by their grandma who is 50 yrs and responsible for taking care of other 3 siblings. Life is too challenging as Grace’s mom can’t do anything in terms of economic deeds thus keeps on depending on her mom, the grandma of little Grace on each and everything.

3rd Story

A girl is called; Rosemary Mtaki (15 yrs), she is in standard 6, she is an underprivileged girl living at Ukara island and taken care by her grandma called Nyanchiro (77 yrs old). Her mom died in 2003, when she was 1 year.

Her father abandoned her soon after she was 3 yrs and left Grace with the grandma. Grace has been bringing up (vomit) blood three times since the year 2015. Her health is now very weak and likely to have anemia but she has never been taken into any medications because of her grandma’s poverty.

Her grandma is taking care of the other six siblings, so it is too challenging in terms of meeting their basic needs including school requirements.

And here Rosemary says……. “I’m very happy for having met you as I know you’ll keep on helping me even to a secondary school level, where I’m determined to reach out and continue with my studies”.

4th Story

A boy is called; Mgeta Alfayo (9 yrs), he is in standard 3. He is an orphan living with his grandpa. LVC has been helping him for two years now since 2014 when she was enrolled in standard one at Buhima primary school.

His grandpa is very much thankful for a continued support we’re doing and he adds that his grandson is improving in school day by day. Mgeta became among the best ten students in the class of 67 students in total. His grandpa appreciates for the solar lights we gave him last time which actually influenced his studies at home and especially during his night school work.


Children; Johnathan Malengo First left (12 yrs) and Justine Malengo first right (10 yrs), living at Busagami village. They’re the underprivileged ones being abandoned by their parents. They’re now taken care by their aunt who is a widow and was married to a further village. The kids have never been to school regardless of their big age and this is because of not having someone who could pay for their regular school requirements. They’re now happy, as LVC has made them get enrolled to school and Started schooling on this year, 2017.


A boy is called; Lukas Charles (11 yrs), he is in standard 2 at Muriti primary school, Muriti village. He is an orphan living with his aunt and are renting at one of the households in the village. Sometimes his aunt spends several weeks out of the family looking for her family basic needs leaving these children without food and other needs.  Neighbors have been very kind helping these kids when their aunt isn’t around for a couple of days.

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