People of action in Uganda

Our partnerships with communities and organisations overseas, providing safe water, promoting maternal and child health, responding to emergencies and supporting those in zones of conflict

Rotary clubs in District 1090 have a strong tradition of supporting Communities overseas

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Working overseas is incredibly rewarding as it affords unique opportunities to learn about other cultures and develop personal skills. Firm and lasting friendships are formed through sharing skills and helping to make a difference to other people's lives.

Working with other Clubs

Project work

The international nature of Rotary offers great opportunities for partnership working with clubs both in the Thames Valley District and further afield. Sharing skills and expertise greatly enhances the scope of a project, as well as relieving pressure on fundraising. Working with local clubs in the project area is essential to ensure the success and sustainability of any project. It is an mandatory requirement when applying for a Global or District grant

Working in partnership with other charities

There are many small specialist charities who work overseas and have existing partnerships in the countries they work with, such as Alan's Africa, Build on Books, Wye Valley Zambia Project, Microcredit, Excellent Sand Dams. They welcome Rotarian support because it brings networking and vocational skills.

Clubs also support the Rotary 'Box' schemes


Shelterbox provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters, at the time when they need it the most. Read more......

In adition to rapid response from HQ in Cornwall, prepositioned ShelterBoxes are stored in strategic locations across the globe, enabling the quick deployment of aid  on a large scale anywhere in the world.

Providing safe drinking water in disaster areas. Practical presentations available now on the updated Aquabox schemes from David Sutherland and Andrew Fairbairn  Read more....

Every Aquabox now contains an Aquafilter Family, replacing the previous chlorine tablets and carbon filters, to give a longer lasting solution.

Which Box? Find one best suited to a particular situation. Download information HERE

Twinning schemes

Clubs can also work with those in different geographical areas via the numerous twinning schemes that Rotary International provide.

For information on International Projects, please contact International Chairman, Paul Davies

Mainly for Rotarians

The International Service Committee aims to introduce clubs to other clubs working in the same areas. This can be a positive influence in that successful outcomes can be shared and potential pitfalls due to local customs and beliefs can be identified.

The International Committee can help clubs with:

• How to start a community needs analysis

• Identifying and advising on required elements of training, essential to sustainability of a project.

• Guidance on how to review what is available locally to ensure that the local people know how to use and maintain donated equipment.

• How to ensure that spare parts are sourced locally.

• Providing guidance on measurable outcomes

• Developing stronger Rotary networks of clubs and districts from different countries

• Identifying Rotary clubs in the host countries for the local sponsorship required by Grant projects