Information about Rotary Websites and how to Access them

The Web Sites of Rotary

There is a hierarchy of websites in the Rotary organisation, serving different purposes.

  1. The Rotary International site ( is the site run from Evanston to serve Rotarians world-wide. This site has a MEMBER ACCESS link at the top of the page, which gives access to membership and Club details.  Club Secretaries are required to be registered with this site and to update member and Club information in its database.  This database is used to create the International Rotary Directory, for validating member login for the RIBI website (below) and for determining membership numbers.  Administrative support is provided both centrally and via RIBI Alcester
  2. The RIBI site website ( provides information about Rotary to the general public and serves Rotarians in the Britain and Ireland area. It has a "For Members" area which is still in the public domain, but provides information primarily of interest to Rotarians. This area has a sub-area called the "Secure Area" for which you need to log in, which contains more sensitive documents such as the minutes of General Council and RIBI committees.  The verification of a login is carried out using the RI database above, so if you have NOT been registered on the RI database you will not be able to log into the RIBI website secure area. This site is supported by RIBI staff at Alcester.
  3. The RIBI-Template website system ( is available across Britain and Ireland for use by Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts. Although the basic template is adapted by each club or district to suit their specific needs, the system is centralised and embodies a single database of Rotarians in Britain and Ireland. This database is the information source for the Membership Database Extension software used to create Club and District Directories, as well as a host of useful outputs including name badges, address ;labels, business cards, birthday lists, checklists (for events). The RIBI-Template website family is developed and supported by volunteer effort provided by Rotarians across the country.  The membership Database Extension is developed and supported by Zynet Ltd
  4. Local websites - many Clubs create their own websites based on software of their choice and each reflects the tastes and needs of the Club or District. However it is important to note that even Clubs and Districts not using the RIBI-Template system still have access to the Membership Database Extension if they choose to subscribe (Subscription is at the DISTRICT level, not individual Clubs).

How to register and log in

  1. RI - Click on "Member Access" at the top of the home page.  If you are not registered, read the "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) on the right, then return to the login page and click on "Create Account".  If you are registered as a Club Secretary you have additional powers to complete the membership updates formerly done by email or paper.
  2. RIBI - Select the ""For Members" tab, then select the "Secure Area" tab.  Your username and password are the SAME as for the RI website Member Access above, and you must previously have registered through the RI website..
  3. RIBI-Template website family. At the moment this operates totally independently from the RI and RIBI services, so you may well have a different username and password.  To register select the "Register" link at the top right of the home page for ANY Club or District using the RIBI-Template system.  (You will be asked to identify which Club you belong to during the registration process).  Because this system covers all of Britain and Ireland, you may find your preferred username is already allocated in which case you will be asked for an alternative. Your registration request needs to be authorised by one of your Club or District Administrators before you are able to log in.
  4. Proprietary District or Club websites - you will need to contact the local website administrators - there is no central record of the Clubs and Districts who are operating propriatary sites.

District 1090 Material classed as 'Members Only'

We are not a secret society, but to keep our pages looking lively, items that would be of no interest to the general public are stored in the members only section of this site.

Rotarians registered with the RIBI-Template may use the Members Login Tab to log in and gain access to District Members only items such as District Council papers, committee reports and directory updates.