Calderdale Technology Tournament 2012

In a packed hall 122 students comprising 32 teams from nine schools in Calderdale at 9.30am on 6th March opened their instruction envelopes to discover what this year’s challenge was all about.


In essence the three differing task levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, all had to design and build a coin sorter (following a successful charity money raising day). The Foundation teams device had to sort just two coins, Intermediate three, but Advanced had five.

All teams, after carefully spending some 30 minutes considering differing possible solutions where they had to plan for design, production and manufacture, then began their tasks in earnest. Marks were to be awarded for the early planning work that had to be recorded into a portfolio, design analysis, communications and development of a solution, its actual manufacture and finally the working of the model by actually testing it. Final appearance also counted.

The hall at the Halifax Leisure Centre was a hive of activity over the next three to four hours. The teams were reminded by Rotarian Peter Lloyd that the day was meant to be fun and that all should enjoy the challenge set before them. And they did! Three Rotarians by the way had to man a table where Stanley cutting knifes were to hand. Rotary takes health and safety issues seriously.

The teachers themselves entered into the spirit of things and were given a construction kit themselves. Actually at the end of the day there