District 1090 Shop

Items available through the District 1090 Shop

District 1090 Shop

The shop, supplying a range of Rotary merchandise useful to clubs, is now run by Alice McGonnell of the Rotary Club of Crowthorne & Sandhurst. A list of available merchandise is currently being prepared.
Items from the shop are also available at District Council Meetings.

Official Rotary Suppliers

Aditional items can also be obtained from one of the official Rotary Suppliers - Toye & Kenning or A W Matthews. They advertise regularly in RIBI's Rotary Today

Other licensed suppliers include the Rotary Club of Exmouth and District who do a range of adhesive logos, from their Rotary Shop as well as unique Rotary branded Spiral wishing wells for fundraising. The Rotary Club of Banbury Cherwell has recently invested in two of these spiral wells and President Laurie Cunningham can give good advice on how to use these successfully