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ROTARYfirst is the title of the District1010 Magazine and E-Bulletin

Currently District1010 publishes an annual magazine, on paper, in April each year, just before Annual Assembly.  In addition four or five E-Bulletins are published on the web each Rotary year.  The E-bulletins come out roughly every two months between the magazines.

If you have an article that you would like to have included in the magazine or one of the E-Bulletins please email it or send a web link to Jenny Devlin

.  We encourage the following:
  • Articles, with photographs or videos about activities that your club or members of your club have participated in.  Articles with eyecatching photos or videos have the best chance of being published.
  • Reports of events that you have held.  Including photographs and videos!
  • Adverts for forthcoming events.  With eyecatching features.
  • Photos of Rotarians PARTICIPATING in fund raising events - NOT the handing over the funds.

If you would like to receive email notification about new issues of the e-bulletin please complete the form below then click on the "Subscribe" button.  Type "Bulletin" In the "Groups" box.

ROTARYfirst E-Bulletin and Magazine

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