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ROTARYfirst is the title of the District1010 Magazine and E-Bulletin

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We have resurrected the E-Bulletin.
We would also like to improve the model and the process to provide clubs with a good advertising and marketing service  as well as an opportunity to share their good practice and activities of interest.

The process will be:
  1. Clubs will take photos and videos at their events and email/share these with the E-Bulletin editor.  A short article (100 to 250 words) should be sent along with the photos.  If clubs have created a Poster for their event, and have it in digital format, this could be sent instead or as well as the former. 
  2. They should send well before an event if they want to advertise. Or immediately following an event they want to report.
  3. District will:
          a.    Proof read and summarise the articles if necessary.
          b.    Immediately post them on the Districts’ facebook page and the District website to the right or below this.
          c.    Provide a link to a collection of the previous month’s articles in the District Digest.  This for Rotarians who prefer not to use facebook
          d.    When the time comes to create the Magazine, select appropriate articles from those submitted and ask the providers to expand on them for publication.
          e.    Ask clubs and Rotarians to “Like” the Scotland North facebook Posts page so that they will receive immediate notification of the articles being posted there.  Those who prefer may just wait for the monthly summary.   If the post is of interest to your club "Share" it with your members.
     4.  Rotarians may then access the E-Bulletin by a variety of methods to suit their needs:
          a.    View the articles as soon as they are posted on facebook Scotland North Rotary
          b.    View the articles as soon as they are posted on the website (This page.)
          c.    Follow the link in the Digest to see a summary of the previous months articles
          d.    Visit the website to access the E-Bulletin and Magazine archive. (This page.)

So – start sending your articles to Mick Gordon NOW!

PS We are looking for Rotarians to help with the following:
•    Proof reading
•    Chasing up articles
•    Editing
•    Finding advertising and sponsorship for the magazine (and e-bulletin)
•    Distributing magazines.

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Dunfermline RC support local cancer charity


ROTARYfirst Magazine

April 2019


Anstruther & East Neuk Costal Walk 2018

Each year the Rotary Club of Anstruther and East Neuk organise a charity walk to raise money for good causes. Last year the walk raised £17,180.49 for various charities.



Santa has now gone away for a rest as he has fulfilled his role with Forfar Rotary to visit as many of the streets as possible as well as his visit to the Cross. Now all that remains for him is to be fit for his big day on the 25th December.



Snow or no snow, Santa and his sleigh are going to be very busy in and around Monifieth as Christmas approaches.


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Boxcar of Christmas cheer!

THE term ‘Christmas boxes’ will take on an extra-special meaning for 220 deserving recipients in Eastern Europe – courtesy of the Rotary Club of Dunfermline.


HO HO HO! from Kintore Kemnay and District

Thank you Alehousewells, Kemnay and Midmill schools.


Rudolph’s red-nose days in Dunfermline

Monday, 10th December, on a six-night sleigh run


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