Crocus Buttonholes Update

This page has details of why we wear crocus buttonholes and how to order a supply.

Crocus Buttonholes 

The colour purple symbolises the campaign to eradicate polio. When children are immunised, their pinkies are dyed purple so that no-one is missed. We wear crocus buttonholes to show our support for End Polio Now.

Our District stock of crocus buttonholes is now sold out.  RIBI have also sold out.

RIBI will place an order for delivery in January 2019 if there is anough interest across GB and Ireland. We have indicated our interest in ordering a stock for District 1010. If any Clubs are likely to want to order buttinholes for 2019, please let Janet Lowe know of your interest.

Click here for a Briefing Sheet.

There is an excellent website with ideas for marketing and distributing crocuses. Click here for a link to this website.