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The Rotary Foundation offers opportunities for Rotary Clubs to sponsor Vocational Training Teams, using Global Grants and District Grants. For a brief summary of Vocational Training Teams, click here. For more information on anything on this page, contact the District VTT Officer, John Calder.

VTTs can be outging to another country or incoming to Scotland or both. They may be associated with a humanitarian project or may pave the way for a new humanitarian project. They build capacity and create relationships that will make a significant impact on a country or project.  They unlock the power of Vocational Service, allowing Rotarians and non-Rotarians to transfer their career skills. Training local people empowers the community and creates sustainable long term change. 

VTTs will usually be funded by a  Global Grant for a large team (minimum cost $30000).  A small scale VTT could be funded by District Grant.

Our District's first VTT  was to Nepal in April 2014. The team trained teachers in remote village schools to improve the quality of early years education.

Our second VTT took place in 2015-2016, following a scoping visit completed earlier, with the support of a District Grant. It was in a new Area of Focus - Economic Development. The team provided mentoring, training and support to small businesses in Ghana.