Antony Wood: New Talks

Antony comes highly recommended by several clubs. Following on from the very well received talk on his memoir 'Never the Same River', by popular request Antony has added some new titles to his repertoire

Antony Wood: New Titles

"Telling your story"  - the Why, What, Where, When and How of writing a memoir. With tips on how to gather material and self-publish.

"Our lost world" - a social history of growing up in the second half of the twentieth century. With audience involvement.

"Young people and the world of work" - for over twenty-five years the speaker worked in the field of developing the inter-personal skills of young people and campaigning for the rejuvenation of Britain's manufacturing base.

"The Audit of Industry" - a cultural and historical account of British industry from the Great Exhibition of 1851 onwards - with a stock-take of where we are now.  

Soldiering in the 60s - when the Russians were coming.

Never The Same River. A talk by Antony Wood about his memoir, starting with a difficult childhood in country Vicarage. Then we follow the young boy as he grows up to become a soldier, an entrepreneur and even a politician. There's lots of social history about England after the war and plenty of humour. What concerned him as he wrote and what pitfalls had to be avoided?

In gestation - "Three characters in search of an audience - John Bright, Pamela Harrison (nee Digby) and Sir Francis Younghusband."

About the speaker

After ten years commissioned service in the army Antony worked with a number of international food companies, followed by a period campaigning for British manufacturing. He then ran his own Leadership training business, which he later sold to concentrate on writing and community work - including standing for Parliament and being a local Councillor. He has an MSc and is married with three grown-up children, all working in television.