Fellowship Ideas

Looking for Ideas ?

You will have heard me say that Fellowship (Friendship) is the glue that binds us together. This can come in the form of helping others or at least having a great club programme. I would ask that each club consider ALL members likes. Don’t just assume that what we did last year is liked by all, especially the newer members. New members might like something new – a premiere of Spectre, a beer and cheese tasting evening, men and women’s grooming evening, a weekend away with a disco (not a ceilidh) and things some of us have never considered.

Please tell me what your wackiest club event (for members) is and we can tell others They might enjoy it as well. keithhopkins@hotmail.co.uk 07715 052718
Let’s use this website to give clubs ideas to help retain members as well as attract them. Golf clubs, bridge clubs, curling clubs, musical theatre clubs and many of the other hobby organisations have potential Rotarians and we just need to ASK them.
I will be asking clubs to give me the name and details of their enthusiasts for the Fellowships we use in this District if I don’t already have them. Send them to me now if you like.

We are looking for at least 4 clubs to provide B&B accommodation and friendship to 5 or 6 couples from Easter  Australia, Southern California, South Africa in 2018, 2019, 2020 with a view to 5 or 6 of those taking part having the opportunity to return to these districts in the following years (months tba). If you have not done this before I can honestly say it is a great experience and you make some very good friends. There is nothing better than travelling to these other lands and living in their homes and watch their lives unfold, their lifestyles which are never seen as a tourist and even get some new cooking recipes. You can learn so much and have the fun we all seem to like. Get in touch with Keith Hopkins (Kirriemuir) 07711 505 2718.