The Complexities of Compliance

Rotary District 1090 compliance presentation to clubs October 2017 Keeping our Rotary activities compliant with current legislation

Complexities of Compliance

Compliance Seminar 11 October 2017

Keeping up with new legislation need not be scary! But compliance is essential to ensuring insurance cover. These seminars offer excellent guidance on how to keep everyone safe and happy without hassle.

Complexities of Compliance 2017 from Stephan Stephan

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Compliance Seminar Documents for Download

Document Type
 11/10/2017 RIBI Health & Safety Policy Statement
 11/10/2017 RIBI Health&Safety Guidance  PDF
 11/10/2017 RIBI Equality & Diversity Policy (Updated 2017)
 11/10/2017 RIBI Disability Guidance 2015/16 PDF
 11/10/2017 RIBI Safeguarding Guidance Manual
 11/10/2017 RIBI Safeguarding Policy_Children (Reviewed 2017)
 11/10/2017 RIBI Safeguarding Policy_Vulnerable adults (Reviewed 2017) PDF
 11/10/2017Photography of children & vulnerable adults: Consent Form
 11/10/2017 Photography of children and vulnerable adults: RIBI Guidelines
 11/10/2017  RIBI Club and District Data Protection Policy (Updated 2017)
RIBI Compliance Statement 2017-18_Club  PDF
 Insurance Newsletter with updates (2017) PDF
11/10/2017  RIBI Club Insurance Guide 2017-18 PDF
 RIBI Confirmation of Insurance 2017  PDF
11/10/2017 RIBI Employers Liability Insurance 2017-18
3/11/2015 RIBI H&S Risk Assessment Form
3/11/2015 RIBI Bartlett Liability Incident Report Form

A fully comprehensive range of Compliance and constitutional documents can be downloaded from the RIBI website by logging into the Members Area

The Complexities of Compliance pages:

Data Protection and your Responsibilities under the Law

Guidelines for the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that took effect from May 2018, updating the now inadequate DPA. Further Guidance can be found on the RIBI website


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