Insurance advice

Advice to clubs about insurance

Advice to clubs about insurance


Insurance cover is currently provided by Bartlett, Chartered Insurance Brokers. 

If you are running an event and are unsure about the Insurance situation please follow the process below:

1) Refer to the excellent guidance booklet “Insurance and the Rotary Club”. It, along with other helpful information found on the RIBI website as follows: RIBI Home /For Members /Club & District Support /Compliance /Insurance.  Click on the link below

Link (you will need to log into the RIBI website)

If you are still unsure:

2) Ask your Club Secretary – in addition, the Club Health & Safety Advisor should also help with the event risk assessment, as required. If you are still unsure,

3) Refer the matter to the District Secretary – again the District Health & Safety Officer may help. If this does not clarify the situation

4) Contact the RIBI Club and District Support

 Please do NOT contact the insurance broker until all other avenues have been explored!

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