The Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar - October 2016

The Bradford University Rotary Peace Centre Annual Seminar

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Five Rotarians from our district attended the Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar at Bradford University, held on 28th and 29th October 2016. Philip Bobby's report follows:

The Seminar follows the pattern which the Oxford Peace Conference adopted and comprises a dinner on the Friday evening, usually with an outside speaker followed by the seminar itself on the Saturday when we are addressed by those Fellows who have completed their first year and have been on placement. Usually there are ten Fellows each university year sponsored by Rotary.
This year the speaker at Friday evening's dinner was Pauline Hegney who had grown up in Belfast during the troubles of the Eighties and Nineties. As a young child she heard that an uncle had been shot and subsequently in early married life her husband was also killed in a sectarian attack leaving her with four young children. She spoke with no malice. Since then along with four other widows she has helped form ' Widows against Violence Empower'. 
At the Seminar we heard from all the second year fellows, all of whom spoke well and held the attention of the audience. We also heard from three alumni. Two were from Bradford but the third had attended the three month Certificate Course in Chulalungkorn in Thailand.
At Bradford, one may follow any one of the following courses all related to Peace :-
- Peace, Conflict and Development
- International Politics and Security
- Conflict, Security and Development
- Peace Studies
The Rotary Peace Fellowship differs from the Global Grant Rotary Scholarship in two fundamental ways:-
1)    It is a full scholarship and is not a fixed sum. It covers accommodation, travel, a living allowance and the course itself. This means that it is open to all and so not restricted simply to those who can afford it.
2)    Neither Rotary Club or District contribute to the cost which means that any District may put forward a candidate from whatever part of the world that district may be. The funding is provided by Rotary Foundation central funds, managed from Evanston in the USA. 
The seminar was attended by some 190 Rotarians and friends, mainly from the northern districts. Malcolm Boddington, in his year of office as District Governor for District 1090 in the Thame Valley, hosted the first Oxford Peace Conference, bringing the opportunity to hear about peace initiatives to Rotarians and friends in the south of the country. Read more about the third Oxford conference, held in September 2016. 
Philip Bobby
Peace Fellow Coordinator

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