Shoeboxes 2017

The Annual Rotary Shoebox Collection

The Annual Rotary Shoebox Collection


This week members of the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club visited local schools to collect Rotary shoeboxes that had been given out earlier in the month. The Club collected boxes from Queen Victoria School, Newton Primary School, Bridge of Allan Primary School and Beaconhurst School. The young people have filled the shoeboxes with gifts and much-needed household materials for people living in severely deprived areas of Eastern Europe.  Almost 500 Rotary shoeboxes have been collected from the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane area.

Commenting on the shoebox collection, one young person said: “We like filling the shoeboxes. Many people have very little to live on, and it’s good that we are able to do something to help”.

Following collection, the shoeboxes are brought to a distribution point in Perth, where, with shoeboxes collected by other Rotary clubs in the area, they are then taken to the national distribution centre in Preston to be transported to Eastern European countries. Since the start of the scheme, well over one million Rotary shoeboxes have been delivered to those in greatest need.

Organiser Graham Russell said that they were delighted by the response.  “It is really heart-warming to see such a willingness to help others in this way.  We can be very proud of these young people.”