Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 47, August 2018

Important information from District 1010

Important information from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 47 -  August  2018


     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]


22            Roadshow in Perth
25            District Executive - Perth

26            Deadline for returning trophies won last year
31            Deadline for Shoebox orders


3             Fishing Competition
16           DGE/DGN Seminar - Alcester
23           District Council - Perth Inch Campus (
collect Shoebox flat-packs)
24           Alison Stedman takes over District Supplies
27/29      Oktoberfest, Dundee


10           Roadshow in Inverness
20           District Conference - Dundee
24           World Polio Day

27           Deadline for Christmas Card orders 


17          Youth Speaks District Final
21/25     GETS & Rotary Institute - Stratford


1              District Executive - Jury's Inn, Aberdeen



12/19      International Assembly - San Diego
19           Young Chef - North Final, Aberdeen
26           Young Chef - South Final, Dundee


15/17       RIBI MDLDF - Warwick
23 (am)   District Executive - Jury's Inn, Aberdeen
23 (pm)   DOTS


2 or 3   Club Leadership Seminar - Inverness     
2           Young Musician - Instrumental Final

9           Club Leadership Seminar - Aberdeen
9           Young Musician - Vocal Final
30         District Council - Lochardil Hotel - Inverness  


5            Young Photographer & Young Writer entries to Coordinator
7            Club Leadership Seminar - Royal George Hotel, Perth
28          District Assembly - Caird Hall, Dundee


10/12    RIBI Showcase - Nottingham
18         Primary Schools Quiz - District Final

25         District Executive - Queens Hotel, Perth


1/5        RI Convention - Hamburg


7           District Handover - Portlethen Golf Club


Ian Dow
I trust you are enjoying this fine summer, and that all your events and activities are being well supported. As we celebrate Membership Month in the Rotary calendar, I encourage you to highlight the vital role that membership plays in maintaining a strong and active club. Have you introduced a family member, a neighbour or a friend to Rotary, not just to attend a meeting but to help you in an activity that defines what we do?

As we move towards our conference, this is a great opportunity to do just that. Encourage someone who has not attended a conference in the past, to join us on Saturday 20th October, to Discover Rotary through the stories of young people, and what inspires and motivates them.

What motivates us as members? It is true that at times we may feel exhausted, and perhaps jaded because the weekly meeting comes round so fast, and there is a sameness to it all.  This is where I want to encourage you to be placing some importance on making changes that take you out into your local community, telling and sharing what Rotarians do by providing service through events or activity that can be joined by others. This can energise your club, it can increase your membership by recruiting people to help you without ever sitting at a meeting.

We are moving towards World Polio Day 24th October, an excellent opportunity for such an event, something to celebrate Rotary achievement and perhaps have fun whilst showing Rotary in action. I would like to encourage you to share your activities through Rotary Club Central. This may well lead to you finding support for your activity from other clubs in your neighbourhood. Your goals and aspirations shared with others will help you towards  recognition  through the Presidential Citation and this will help you to motivate your members.

I look forward to hearing about joint ventures between clubs, and attending activities that happen out in our communities. Enjoy the rest of the summer, have fun at your events, continue to inspire those around you, and share your success with others.
Ian Dow
Hilary Gordon
District Council

Registration for District council on 23rd Sept is open - CLICK HERE

Inverness Roadshow

This is the LINK for the Inverness roadshow on 10th Oct.

Roadshow for Compliance is at the Mackenzie Centre, Culduthel Rd, Inverness IV2 4EE

Email problems
Some emails are being identified as spam.  Presidents and Secretaries (and other Rotarians) are asked to check their spam box for Rotary emails.

The Digest

Club secretaries are asked to check that new members are receiving the Digest. 

tell members who wish to be on the distribution list to subscribe using the form on this web page  District 1010 website> What we do> Rotary 1010 Digest>

Data Management System

Clubs are reminded that all changes to membership should be made using the DMS, not on the RI website. Clubs are asked to contact their local webmentor in the first place if they have a problem with the DMS. The Webmentors are:

Area 1 Mick Gordon 
Area 2 Michelle Anderson
Area 3 Hilary Gordon
Area 4 Jim Henderson
Area 5 John Balsillie 
Area 6 John Black    
Area 7 Sandy Pearson
Area 8 Janet Lowe   

District 1010 Supplies

From Monday 24th September Alison Stedman (Arbroath RC) will be taking on the District Supplies Officer role. The “District shop” will be run as usual at the District Council and orders can still be made to Jo Farquhar until Monday 17th September.

Whilst it is not economically viable to run an online shop, there will be an on-line presence where you can see what is available. Photographs will soon be added to the district website.

Until 17th September please continue to order via phone or email as usual and may I remind you that all the leaflets and booklets are available direct from the RIBI website. Both
AW Matthews and Toye, Kenning and Spencer have websites where merchandise can be purchased. All clubs can obtain discounts so have a look at their websites and orders may be made directly.

Please note that Jo Farquhar will  be returning to the role of Deputy District Secretary.
Thank you for your co-operation and patience during this change over period and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to phone or email Jo. 01542 831423 – office or 07738 434581. Alternatively, please email

District Vacancies

1)    Webmaster 

2)    DMS 

3)    RCC 

4)   Webmentors

To find out more about these vacancies speak to the District Secretary

Health & Safety

ClICK HERE for the 2018 H&S guidance


Insurance details are available HERE which has a link to the RIBI website.


Copy: By 8th September  to:

John Minhinick at:


John Holme at:

Published: 15th August 2018
LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT                             
Brian Stewart
No new information this issue

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                      Ewen Hatchwell

Sand Dams

John Glascodine advises that the Kumina Wauni Sand Dam extension in Kenya (funded by Callendar, Kinross, North Fife, Pitlochry, St Andrews and other Clubs) is now providing water for the village of 660 people, and irrigation for agriculture. There are now 60 Dams in Kenya funded by the multi District Group, with possibly more Sand Dams in India, Mosambique and Tanzania. For information CLICK HERE 

International Projects

Our International Projects demonstrate humanitarian endeavours around the world. Rotarians should aim for innovative approaches to solving community needs and planning international projects.  There is a wealth of information and resources available to assist Clubs – Please contact District 1010 International Service Chair Ewen Hatchwell in the first instance

First Steps Himalaya

The Rotary club of Ellon invites clubs to send donations for the Global Grant to support education in rural Nepal. Contact Hilary or Mick Gordon for more information.

Rotary Shoebox – Order by 31 August 2018

The Order Form for flat-pack Shoeboxes is available  HEREon the District website.

Completed forms with cheques should be returned to District Shoebox Coordinator Ron McKail before 31st August. Flat-pack boxes will be available for collection at the District Council meeting in Perth on Sunday 23 September. 500 or more can be delivered to a specified address. 

FOUNDATION                                                Carol Stewart

£280, 201
Thank you for your support to Our Own Charity in the year 2017-2018

At the time of writing for the last Digest we were seeing the funds increasing almost daily and I’m delighted to say that as a District we raised a total of $178,039 ($64.81 per capita) in the last Rotary year towards our Annual Fund giving. That sum is down slightly from the previous year, however it will ensure that we can continue to do good in the future and the District will have circa $44,500 in three years time to invest in future projects. Giving today ensures we can support in the future.
Then, I was blown away by the sum raised for the eradication of Polio which totalled $102,162 which is amazing. Thank you.
This means that the total raised in the District was $280,201, an amazing sum and many thanks to all individuals and Clubs who have supported our Own Charity in the last 12 months. You are making a difference.

World Polio Day – 24th October

As part of your plans for promoting World Polio Day you may be considering the lighting of local landmarks in purple. If that’s the case then please see this LINK taking you to all you need to know about making this happen.

Christmas Cards 2018
It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas and here’s a chance to also support End Polio efforts at the same time! Order deadline is 27th October… so plenty time to get your orders in. Here is the relevant LINK
Crocus Buttonholes

There is a possibility that we may be able to place an order for buttonholes to be delivered in January 2019. This will very much depend on the levels of interest expressed across RIBI so if your Club is likely to wish to order can you please let Janet Lowe know at the earliest opportunity.

Latest newsletters

Click HERE for the most up to date Foundation newsletter:

Rotary Rewards

Are you looking for other ways to support the Rotary Foundation? Do you book travel & holiday arrangements? Order flowers, tickets, buy coffee or make other online purchases? These are just some of the ways where you can donate…. Click HERE to find out more!
MEMBERSHIP                                                        Eleanor Macalister
At the start of the Rotary year, numbers in our District are fluctuating with people joining and leaving. It will take a few weeks for this to settle down – although, to be honest, it never really settles and we thank those clubs for keeping up to date through Rotary Club Central.
The Membership Team has been appraising its programme for supporting our clubs and for the ongoing growth of Rotary.
At a club level, the team can offer Club Health Check workshops, Club Visioning Workshops plus support in other aspects of membership. All of these are in place to support and strengthen our existing clubs.
At District level, the team has identified areas where potential new clubs may be born. This has come from an intensive study of the demographics of our District. We have identified 7 priority locations which can be found in Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. The AGs in each of these Areas will be working with the Membership Team. This initiative is looking at the “big” picture of Rotary – of Rotary out there and beyond the walls of the local club. Of growing Rotary and making it more inclusive.
Should your club be contacted on the above exciting initiative to grow Rotary, please welcome this offer and enter into some positive discussion with your AG and Membership team members.
Clubs are up and running with their annual programme which always requires good publicity. Brand Centre is a good place to head for if clubs are looking for some ideas and suggestions for promoting Rotary. Every opportunity to promote is imperative.
The Membership Team would welcome more people to come on board so if you feel that you can offer a little bit of your time in your own area, please contact Eleanor Macalister, Membership Chair, at:
The membership team is here for every club so do not hesitate to knock on our door. We will be delighted to help.
YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray

The competition fee of £85 is now due and should be sent to the District treasurer, Sandra Ross.  Payment of this fee gives entry to all the competitions, including the Primary Schools Quiz. 

Young Writer and Young Photographer – Change to Entry Deadlines

With RIBI having brought the deadline forward for national submissions to 6th April 2019, Clubs’ winning entries to District are required by 6th March. Clubs will now require to have a closing date for their entries in early February.

As each club organises its own competition, before sending their winners to be judged at District level, they are encouraged to put their plans in place as early as possible in the new school year.
The Rotary Young Writer and Young Photographer competition are excellent means for clubs to work with schools, youth organisations and individual young people in developing creative and communication skills.

For the first time RIBI have provided different themes for both competitions:-
Young Writer - this year’s theme is ‘My Inspiration’
Young Photographer – this year’s theme is “Beauty of Nature”
For further information on the Young Writer competition CLICK HERE 
For further information on the Young Photographer competitions CLICK HERE 


If you are interested in seeing the physical activities the girls engaged in at RYLA please get in touch with me on for the link to the DVD and password.  This link only shows the activities that encouraged the girls to step out of their comfort zone and does not show the morning inspirational speakers and craft and drama activities that are an integral part of the week.

Euroscola 2018-19 – Jim Houston

Good news, after much waiting and contact back and forth with the London and Edinburgh offices of the European Parliament, it has finally been confirmed that we will have a Euroscola date!

I am still waiting for final confirmation of a date (it will either be the 31st of January or the 21st of February 2019) but I'll get back to you with final details. Once we have the date confirmed I will inform clubs of the cost and post the full documentation on the District website.
RotaKids and Interact

I would be grateful if clubs can let me know of any change of Rotarian or school link for RotaKids and Interact as it would be good to update this information with RIBI.  My contact details are
                      Mick Gordon

A huge THANK YOU to all who responded to last month's call for articles for the reborn E-Bulletin. There were 16 in July alone which meant a new posting on the facebook page every day.The July articles are now archived on the District website HERE.
The August ones are on the website HERE.

Please keep sending your articles to  We like them all!

Oktoberfest - Dundee Rotary Club

Beer and Music Festival to be held at Slessor Gardens from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th September.

Support from Rotarian volunteers would be much appreciated. 

So please come along and enjoy your choice of evening and afternoon sessions for refreshments, great music and friendship at our new location. Your contributions to Oktoberfest are all very welcome and are distributed to local charities and community projects in the Dundee and Tayside area. 

There’s an outstanding line-up of local bands, some well-known and others new this year, and we are finishing off in great style on Saturday night with the internationally recognised band, The Magic Numbers. Thursday and Friday evenings are the usual start and finish times and we have the added bonus this year of being able to start the Saturday at 2pm. 

Tickets for all three nights are available in person, by phone and online from Dundee Box Office and in person from Groucho’s, Nethergate, Dundee. Prices for drinks and authentic German food have been held at £4 per voucher and there will be an excellent selection of beers, gin, prosecco and soft drinks. 

The Rotary Club of Dundee is very excited about our move to Slessor Gardens this year, just two weeks after the opening of the V&A Design Museum. We will be much more visible in our large marquee and we look forward to welcoming friends old and new for the excellent beer and music festival that we call Oktoberfest. 


David Fryer
Introducing myself as the new Chair of Community and Vocational Services, I have three points to highlight for the coming twelve months:

1   In taking up my new role, I am ready to accept invitations to visit clubs in the District to act in a link and support capacity

2   To promote new challenges and traditional themes

3   To develop opportunities to reach out by Clubs to offer a helping hand to embrace community and environmentally focused projects. 

Anyone interested in joining a network of Rotarians keen to promote environmentally themed  projects? Please contact myself or Malcolm Rooney (District Environment Officer) via our details on the 1010 website so that we can arrange the first video conference.
My contact details are:

E: M: 07759 276769

                                                                                                                                              Keith Hopkins MBE

No new information this issue

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In addition there is a good non-Rotary site:
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