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We enjoy what we do and want to share it with the world

What's it all About?

Not so long ago it was just a case of having a good website to inform people what Rotary was up to. How things have changed in a few short years! One of the main purposes of the MPRC Committee is to support clubs in developing their online marketing skills and strategies. We don't know all the answers, but there is a wealth of talent in the District, so its all about sharing skills to promote D1090 Rotary and its clubs to the wider world.

We won the RIBI Best District Online Presence Award 2013 and that was all about team effort. Maidenhead Bridge won RIBI Best Club Online Presence Award, and taught us all a thing or two. So we have standards to maintain!

These pages aim to provide resources, develop strategies, and share ideas and expertise.

Your website can be your greatest marketing tool!

If you are having problems making your site attractive and lively, the D1090 MPRC team is there to help. See resources below.

A variety of Training Events are held throughout the year and we have a team of experienced web administrators who will be pleased to help you further develop your sites on an individual basis. Please be aware that although very willing, members of the team are all volunteers and time is precious, so do make the most of this opportunity.

Using Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more

The growth in Social Media has been quite astonishing in the last few years. Responsibly used it can be of great benefit to Rotary. Gwen Powell led our first Training Day in February 2013 with fantastic results! See course outline  More workshops are planned

If you have any suggestions for training events to meet your needs, please contact Liz Yardley

Training Resources

Date Title Document Type
February 2013 Social Media resources Web page
July 2012 Resources from RI (pics, videos and more!) Web page (pop-up)
March 2012 How to insert a Picture on your page RIBIT Training Video
22/10/11 Are our Websites Fit for Purpose? YUDU publication
22/10/11 Use of Images YUDU publication
  Google It! (by Alan Craig) YUDU publication
2009 Presentation to D1090 Assembly 2009 on Websites YUDU publication
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