The Great Egg Race

Wed, Apr 24th 2024 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Organised by Eastbourne Rotary Club

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Great Egg Race 2024

A contingent of budding structural engineers from Bexhill Rotary Club descended on Eastbourne Old Town to take part in this years Great Egg Race. There were enough volunteers to form 2 teams aptly if not originally named Bexhill A and Bexhill B.

After fortifying themselves with fish and chips and a scrumptious dessert of Eton mess the two teams set to work. The task was to build two structures to hold marbles. One to be as tall as possible and the other to hang out over the edge of a table as far as possible; the winner being the team the sum of whose structures height and distance from the table was the greatest. The materials were supplied – namely 20 pieces of A4 paper, 1 meter of string, 1 meter of gaffer tape, sellotape and 2 marbles. We had an hour for the task.

Both teams completed their task and both totaled over 3 meters – team A doing a little better than team B. However, this only gave us 3 rd and 4 th place as the winning team from Hailsham Rotary Club totaled over 4 meters. We have a fantastic fun filled evening and thoroughly enjoyed participating and look forward to a return match next year when the aim will be to win.

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