Focus on the Crocus - End Polio Now Campaign

Fri 1st October 2010

The club planted 5,000 bulbs around Ingatestone area

 For the last 25 years, Rotary has been working hard to rid the world of polio - a terrible disease that can kill or severely disable children.Today, this disease is now mainly confined to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, where it is still endemic - and we are very close to achieving our aim. To coincide with the 2011 campaign to End Polio Now, the Rotary Club of Ingatestone will be planting crocuses around the parish in October so they will be in flower early next year to mark Rotary's 'Thanks for Life' Day on 23rd February 2011 and for years to come.At this time many events will take place to raise funds for this initiative - symbolised by a splash of colour - reminding us how, with your help, we can finally eradicate polio completely.

 ** What can you do? **
polio is easy to prevent by vaccinnation
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