Farnham Common Community Orchard

Burnham Beeches Rotary sponsored village organisations to plant trees in the Community Orchard in Temple Dell (A355 Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Common). a planting ceremony took place in February 2012 and an Open Day in September.

The Farnhams' Community Orchard

The Rotary Club of Burnham Beeches sponsored village organisations to plant trees in the Community Orchard in Temple Dell (A355 Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Common) several years ago. Local organisations planted trees on 26th February 2012 and school children planted theirs a few days later. A trustee group, which includes representatives from the Parish Council, the three schools, Burnham Beeches National Nature Reserve and the Rotary Club now oversees the orchard as well as the school and community activities that are held there. 

Initially twenty nine trees were ordered, including apples, pears, plums, cherries, quince and a medlar, with as many as possible being varieties with a local heritage.  As several were quite unusual, special grafts were organised so that the trees would eventually grow to the appropriate size for the site. Some varieties have well known names like Cox's Orange Pippin originating from Colnbrook and Blenheim Orange. Bishop's Tongue, Langley Bullace and Marjorie's Seedling are more unusual.  Click to see Layout Diagram

The trees were planted and staked and protected against damage by rabbits and deer. Each tree that is sponsored was provided with a sign identifying the tree variety and the name of the sponsoring school, club or society.  

Within the orchard there is an outdoor classroom/entertainment area fitted with benches in a small natural amphitheatre. An orchard sign and interpretation panels were also installed. Over time they will be updated with the active involvement of local schoolchildren. Click to see Teaching Pack which covers some of the content of Key Stages 1 & 2 of the National Curriculum.

The orchard was created to be a resource for the whole community in the Farnham Royal parish and as it matures offers an attractive area where rural traditions such as wassailing, cherry pie and harvest festivals can be enjoyed. The orchard can also be used for teaching children the stages of tree development through leaf and flower bud, about pollination, petal fall, green fruit formation, ripening and harvest. The lives of the insects and birds which live in the trees can also be studied. The children are also be able to enjoy fruit picking and tasting, fruit preparation, cooking and juicing.  

The enthusiasm generated is such that our three local schools and fourteen parish youth, church and voluntary clubs and organisations chose to sponsor trees of their choice and their participation is at the centre of this exciting project.

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