Behind the rather grand title of House and Attendance Officer is one of the many jigsaw like duties which contribute to the formation of a Rotary, or for that matter many other Clubs.  The hope is that having attended you will have somewhere to sit and food and drink to enjoy.

In essence the duties are: starting with getting apologies for absence, obtaining seating requirements, not always as simple as that sounds; then sorting dietary requirements. Even in an extreme case such as the Feeding of the Five Thousand, as far as I know a preference for rock salmon or fish fingers did not arise.  Dietary requirements these days are more varied, taking account of not only personal preference but also ethnic and health considerations to name but two.

So there you have it for the House and Attendance Officer. Perhaps as a measure of testing Rotary Fellowship to the extreme, supervising House and Fellowship was aptly named

Other key players are the Club Secretary who works up the agenda , maintains the club's data and keeps a record of our business meetings and the Club Treasurer , who drafts and monitors the club's budgets.