Health & Safety

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The Rotary Club of West Fife, (The Club), is an unincorporated association. The Club has no employees, neither is it in control of premises. For these reasons the Club is not subject to the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, (HSWA), or any amending or consequential legislation.

Notwithstanding this the Club is committed to ensuring the health and safety of it's members and the public affected by it's activities. The Club therefore voluntarily accepts the provisions of the HSWA etc, including relevant guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and from RIBI.

Should the Club be in control of premises, or employ any person then it recognises that it is subject to HSWA.

As a general rule the Club will look to HSG 192 "Charities and Voluntary Workers" as guidance in exercising it's responsibilities.

Club Health and Safety Policy
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