Grant Applications

The Club raises some charitable funds annually which are then potentially available for anyone or any organisation in our community.

There is never a vast fund available at any one time and the Club reserves the right to decide what kind of project and whether to support any individual request.

We do not aim to act as a social service or to replace other available sources of funding. However the members are always willing to receive applications that will be considered by the Club Council and then the members.

To aid the process (which can take a few weeks) we have a simple form that guides an applicant in supplying the initial information required.

For groups Click here to download a pdf  form

For individuals Click here to download a pdf form

which can be returned to any Rotarian.

Alternatively an online version.

Click here to download a .doc version for groups

or Click here to download a .doc version for individuals 

which can be filled in and emailed back via