Community 2020 -2021

Community Chairperson  Sue Gaunt


Sue Gaunt (Chair),  Liz Clark,  Robert Grigsby,  Andrew Harvey,  Stan Knight,

Richard Sladden,  Lorraine Beckett

Table Top Sales - mostly booked until September 2021.  Carolyn to continue to take the bookings and advise Mark and Keith dates for website and Free Portland News (FPN). We will assess the Covid-19 regulations in September to see when and if we can re-open.

Community Award - 27th October 2020 - Lorraine to display and make posters, contact  FPN and take e-mails for the nominations.

Summer Ball - Mid August 2021, in conjunction with Membership committee.  Beneficiaries to be a mental health charity chosen by the Community committee and another to be chosen by the Membership committee.  Membership committee to be asked if they are happy to help arrange the ball with us.  Liz will contact the Masonic Hall and the Conservative Club for quotes on hall prices and a buffet style meal.  Sue to ask about bands.

Road signage - Planning application in progress

• As we reopen then we will assist with events as they come up and are required

• Assisting with children’s Christmas party

• Tesco Teddy bear tombola and collection.  December dates already booked and confirmed with Tesco’s.  We will ask for bears from September onwards.