Foundation committee 2020 - 2021



Chrissie Wilkinson (Chair),  Alan Newberry,  Dave Shaw,  Garry Urwin

Our mission for 2020/2021 is to contribute to Rotary’s own and only charity, F0UNDATION, and to spread the message about how it works and what it achieves, both inside and outside of Rotary.

We will attempt to meet the target contribution of $100 per club and I may hear you say, why should we raise money to send to America?  The crux of the matter is this..... we send the money into the Foundation fund.  It sits there in investments, and the interest pays the cost of Rotary International.  After the three years, it is released back with interest, basically for project grants around the world.

We hope to raise money by asking members to have ‘at home’ Foundation Feeds with their own families, and other fundraising events.  However, we are unable to carry out our usual activities due to Covid-19 and therefore have ideas such as a car treasure hunt, a bingo evening and perhaps a household vs household quiz.

Should anyone want to suggest other ‘safe’ events in order to help Foundation, then please do contact me with your thoughts.  We are all having to think sideways during this crisis.

Our committee is also suggesting a voluntary contribution to Foundation as we have such a definite target to reach.  Every little helps, so any contribution of any size will be gratefully welcomed.

Myself, and the new Foundation committee of Garry, Alan and Dave would like to thank Stan and his committee for the sterling hard work carried out in 2019/20 and Stan’s tremendous drive to raise funds.