Foundation committee 2019 - 2020


Chair      Stan Knight,

The Rotary Foundation is a worldwide charity into which money is donated and pooled. This money then becomes available to be used for long term projects worldwide. This may include building wells, or saving water, in drought stricken areas, the building of hospitals, or schools where there are none, helping to finance self-help groups such as localised banking schemes.

This committee is responsible for the raising of monies to send to the Foundation to fund these projects.

'Foundation Feeds' dinner parties are held at peoples houses where the host provides the food and wine; the guests pay a contribution to the Foundation such as they would if eating at a restaurant.

We hope to arrange a Casino night this year to make a posh night out for members and friends, whilst raising more funds for the Foundation.

We will continue to have these fun events, raising finances to fund fantastic projects.

In addition to these long standing events, the race night that was held last year was such a success that another is to be planned for the coming year. This will raise funds for foundation, and again for the Life education charity.