Club Administration, Membership and Media

Making sure that the Club runs smoothly for our Members

Rotarian Tony Savill - Team Leader

The Services Team takes care of the Club on behalf of the Council and membership, while supporting the President during his year of office. Owing to the wide scope of the Service Team, using our individual members’ skills, we have a team member responsible for each of the key functions making sure that the club runs smoothly. 

The Corona Virus pandemic has been a catalyst for change and our club like many others has adapted well. Now is the time to learn from those lessons of change and take them forward, as people of action, into the future.

We will arrange a monthly speaker schedule for regular club meetings and additional features for open meetings. We will act as mentors to new members, find venues for annual events and organise fellowship weekends away. We will liaise with the Heathcourt Hotel to ensure a continued high standard of service and food once we are able to meet in person again. 

Through widening the scope of the Club’s activities, use of different media and meeting format we aim to encourage new members from local industry and organisations. Our goal is to increase membership by 10% during the year. To rekindle the Club’s focus on local youth we will appoint a Youth Ambassador from within the team who will liaise with the Community Team and District to develop greater activity.

We have a PR plan to ensure that our media work continues to promote our public image as ‘people of action’, showcasing the work done by Rotary. The plan encompasses press, town and village parish publications, and shop window posters to both promote activities run by other Teams as well as arranging press coverage at our events. We will maintain an up to date web site, and publish quarterly bulletins to give to visitors, speakers and guests to ensure that information about the club is readily available, showing that we have fun while serving the community.

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