Membership FAQ's

Questions and Answers about Rotary Clubs.

While many people have heard of Rotary, few people actually understand what Rotary clubs do.

Rotarians raise funds and support local good causes and share a unique passion for taking action to improve their communities, also to contribute to worldwide projects such as the eradication of Polio.

Here are some things you might want to know about Rotary.

  1. Is it a men only organisation? - No, we have both professional men and women members from all walks of life.
  2. What does it cost to be a member? - An Annual Subscription is around £100. Meals and drinks cost around £20 on the days you attend.
  3. How long does a meeting last? A typical meeting starts at 1.00 pm after gathering in the bar etc from 12.15pm for some fellowship beforehand . After a meal (2 courses), a short break is taken. Current Rotary topics may be discussed, or an interesting speaker may follow. We normally finish around 2.00 pm . So approximately 1½ to 2.0 hrs in total. During the COVID -19 pandemic lock down we moved our meetings on line with Zoom. So it was even possible to join a meeting from your work place. Now that we are back face to face we have mooved to having one meetinmg a month ion the evemning to make it easier for people who have work time committments to get involved. These arte held on the last Tuesday of the month at 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.
  4. Is it a weekly commitment? - No, the Club has a programme based on a weekly cycle. It is quite usual for a member to miss the meetings for whatever reason. Typically we have a speaker every month from the local community, and a People of Action talk focusing on wider activities of Rotary.  Also project teams meet in their own groups from time to time to discuss Community, International, Rotary Foundation Charity, Dementia awareness and Youth programme actions.
  5. Do I have to give a speech? - No not necessarily  - Club members like to hear about new members, their hobbies, work experiences etc but its a very informal forum. You will be allocated a speaker meeting where you will be given the opportunity to speak yourself if you wish or organise a speaker you know to come along and talk to club members on an interesting topic - these are normally last around 20 minutes, with questions.
  6. Is the dress code formal? - No, more and more the dress code is informal creating a less formal environment. Some men wear collar and tie others open neck shirts.
  7. How do I become a member?  If you know someone in your locality who is a Rotary member make contact and ask him/her to sponsor you.  Or use the web contact below.  You will be invited to meet a couple of established Rotarians who will fill you in with your commitments and request some information from you as to your career and interests.  Your name will be passed to our Secretary who will publish a Notice to all members who have two weeks to object. (This is very rare!). Presuming you have passed this hurdle and having attended a couple of meetings as a guest you will be formally asked if you would like to be inducted by the President to full membership. 
  8. As a new member what can I expect? - New members are inducted into the club after a short ceremony which outlines the Rotary values and expectations. You will be assigned to a Club team. You will be appointed a mentor to support you through your first six months and introduce you to the work of the other teams.
  9. I've heard there's toasts and formality - The meal starts with a simple grace which members take in turn to read. Before the meal there is a toast to "The Queen", - at the close of the meeting there is a toast to "Rotary and Peace the World Over" - that's it!
  10. We would like to get new members. Our Club has a broad spectrum of ages. Would you like to give a little of your valuable time and expertise to support your local community at the same time as having fun?

Each meeting is an enjoyable opportunity for fellowship and friendship together. 

If you have any further questions - just get in touch please. 

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