Rotarians of Kelvedon Hatch & Villages/ Satellite Club Program

Satellite Club Program

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Rotary International 2011 Satellite Club Pilot Program
(01/07/2012 - 30/06/2014)                                                              Download the PDF


This program is one of four from the R.I. "Club Innovation Opportunities" Project.
The four pilot programs are:-

 (1) Satellite club 
       -  allows clubs to conduct multiple meetings, during a week,
          each taking place at a different location, day or time.

 (2) Innovative and flexible Rotary club
       - allows clubs to self-determine
         their operation to better fit the needs of their members and community.

 (3) Corporate member -

 (4) Associate member - or "Friends of Rotary" - in place at Ingatestone

Under (1) and (2), the 'Rotarians of Kelvedon Hatch & Villages' have been able to start a Satellite club
 until they have sufficient numbers to form their own club. They are also able to meet as & when with the format they choose.