Satellite Club

Former Rotary Club of Seaburn Satellite Club, which was formed into a separate Rotary Club SR1.

Our Satellite Club achieved 21 members and has received a charter as a stand alone club, in the name of Rotary Club of SR1, Sunderland, England, or Rotary SR1 for short.  Please visit its own website for details of its activities:

The Rotary Club of Seaburn's Satellite Club is a brand new concept, which invites people with a variety of skills, to work with others to give something back to the community.

The thinking behind the new Rotary Satellite Club is to help local people who are time poor to get together when it suits them during business hours or in a bar after work.
Andy Bradley, a Rotarian and Centre Director at the Bridges comments: "We all understand the pressures and personal time constraints of 21st century life, which is why the Rotary Satellite Club is the perfect opportunity for people like me to get involved and help give something back to the local community."

The Satellite Club aims to bring together dynamic and forward thinking people, probably from their early twenties upwards, to work together on opportunities that could make a difference in the local community.

It re-launched on 2nd August 2013 with an article in the Sunderland Echo and has had an informal information meeting with a number of people who have already expressed interest, plus others who came forward.  That meeting was at the Seaburn Marriott Hotel.

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more District Governor Jean Thompson visited to induct 9 new members into the Satellite Club.