Christmas sleigh Collection

Christmas Sleigh Collection

Sleigh Collection

The Christmas Sleigh Collection

One of our Biggest fund raisers of the year is our anual Sleigh collection. We collect money in front of a sleigh with Christmas music playing and Santa is there to say hello to the Children and ask them if they have been good.

We collect outside supermarkets on the weekends leading up to Christmas

Collections normally take place at Morrisons and Sainsburys' over the weekends before Christmas. Money collected is donated to Pendlside Hospice and other local charities.
This is an annual event and over £60,000 has been raised to date.
Donations made from the Christmas Sleigh Collection include the following:-  

                               Pendleside Hospice                        

                               Derian House                                   

                               Marie Curie                                       

                               Northwest Air Ambulance             


                               Hope for tomorrow                                    



And many more...For Pictures Click here


Colne Noyna Rotary would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who put money in our buckets so that the above donations were made possible.

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Christmas Sleigh Collection


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