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If you have reached this page, you are probably curious about Rotary...

Southampton Magna started back in 1981 when a group of like minded people got together.  Their aim was to have fun whilst raising money for charities.  Fun being the operative word....

All 35,000+ Rotary Clubs around the world donate every year towards eradicating Polio from the planet.  Magna has also donated money to building water wells and storage facilities in India, as well as other overseas projects.  

Around the Southampton/Hampshire area we support many local charities including 'Rose Road' and Wessex Heartbeat.  Then on a personal level, we support and help other groups such as Sailability'Southampton Young Carers', and 'The Oasis School' where we mentor some pupils. In our locally supported schools we sponsor Rotary Competitions such as The Technology Tournament, Young Writers and Young Chef. We also do mock interviews in schools too. You can see a little of our history in pictures.

A new project we have got involved in is working with Social Enterprises. We sponsored the formation of The Social Innovation Club Rotary Club SWH based here in Southampton.This is a new style of Rotary Club comprising of Social Entrepreneurs who through their business want to help others in society.

Watch the above video to understand a new way of being a Rotarian.

So, do you think you can help the community... maybe there is a hidden talent within you waiting to surface.  In Magna we have members that love to organise, others who cannot.  Members who prefer to stay working in the background, others who step forward. We have a very wide circle of talents, who knows where yours might lay. We plan to put these talents to good use by introducing a "Magna Wish Week"

We are always looking for people who want to help our projects in the local community, but do not want to be members of Rotary for what ever reason. You will be most welcome! - come and talk to us...

Come along to one of our events or meetings and see what we can offer each other for the benefit of those who need a bit of help, and we will have fun doing it... We meet mainly at The Novotel Hotel in Southampton, and sometimes at other venues.

You can always find us on Facebook

Rotary Club of Southampton Magna Charitable Fund, Registered Charity 1031588 

In Rotary, every £ we collect goes to charity. You could say £1 in is £1 out.

Many thanks to Debbie Vance from the Rotary Club of Ucluelet in British Columbia, Canada for allowing us to use her brilliant Graphics on our web site and in our MagnaLink magazine.

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