Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Interviews will shortly be taking place for the 2022 RYLA course

Do you have leadership potential?
Are you prepared to be stretched and tested?
Would you like to learn about leadership styles and techniques and then practise them in a safe environment?
Could you accept constructive feedback and tips from experts then act upon them and try the methods for your self?
Are you a well rounded individual with lots of interests and activities outside of school or are you just an academic person who can pass exams?
The questions above were just a few of those we ask during our selection interviews..
RYLA is an intensely rewarding, one week course for boys and girls aged 16-17 where they are given a variety of team tasks to complete. Each individual takes turns to lead the team and practice differing leadership styles in order to develop and try out the most appropriate methods in a variety of situations. Individuals also develop confidence, teamwork, motivation, management, communication and presentation skills which will give them a great advantage in their early career. 
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Interviews will shortly be taking place for the 2022 RYLA course

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